API 2.0

More information here: forum.ironhelmet

Get current available public game data.
Usage: /game/<game_number>[/(stars|players|fleets|full|basic)] Example: /game/1234567890123456/stars # get all publicly visible stars /game/1234567890123456/players # get all available players' data (alias, id, game stats, technology levels, ...) /game/1234567890123456/basic # get game settings /game/1234567890123456/full # get everything in one query If you plan to use CRON to collect the data to your own database, click here.
Use /init at first to get full report of the game to set your things, then use /cron, always.
Note that /full, /init and /cron are all the same. For normal use use /full.

Get stored historical game data from my database.
Note, this is NOT working for games that are not stored.

To store a single tick, call http://nptriton.cqproject.net/storegame.php?game=game_number? or set up a CRON task.
Usage: /ticks/<range>/<game_number>/<type> range: /x/ number of specific tick to show /x-/ from x /-x/ to x /x-y/ from x to y // empty for all type: stars players Example: /ticks/1/1234567890123456/players # displays players data at tick 1 /ticks/72-/1234567890123456/stars # displays star data from tick 72 to the last Todo: (planned features, not yet implemented) accept list of ranges as range: /x,y,z-a/ accept `/full` to provide full report as type: full